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Goodwill Marketing: How Do Consumers Feel About You?

by | February 1, 2023

Goodwill is the impression customers have about you. It extends brand value beyond your products. Here's how to tap into goodwill marketing.
Goodwill Marketing

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Do you know how consumers feel about your brand? If you’re not sure, it’s time to think about goodwill marketing. 

Lindsay Marder, the co-founder of Digital Strategy Boot Camp, defines goodwill marketing as the “storytelling side of your brand.” In the next three years, Marder predicts goodwill marketing will be the leading tool in strengthening brand personalities

Why Does Brand Personality Matter?

Brand personality is what allows consumers to connect with your brand values. By clearly defining your brand’s personality and values from the start, you can more easily find your target audience. This helps create more effective marketing strategies. 

Consider a coffee shop that’s committed to sustainability, a common value in goodwill marketing. Reusable cups, metal straws and recyclable paper products link the shop directly to trending social issues. The shop even uses old coffee grounds to encourage students to compost. 

This brand’s personality is based on quality products with a commitment to reversing climate change. They make it easy to be eco-friendly. Their target audience includes a diverse generation of young people who are committed to climate preservation and who are eager to spread the word about how tasty the coffee and pastries are too. 

With this coffee shop in mind, let’s talk about how to use goodwill marketing to drive business to your brand. Also, don’t forget to include goodwill marketing in your next experiential event.

Tips for Goodwill Marketing

An espresso maker.

Goodwill marketing is effective and cost-efficient. If you’ve established a brand personality, the only thing left to do is share that with your customers. Here are some key principles:

  • Use social media to share your platform. Gen Z consumers are digital natives who rely on social media to engage with brands. Did you attend the Save the Turtles event last weekend? Our coffee shop might use social media marketing and other types of content to encourage attendees to bring proof of attendance for a free coffee. Other environmentalists might see this social media post and consider getting coffee there before the next turtle event.
  • Provide more than just a product. Consumers feel good when they can contribute to social causes they care about simply by living their everyday lives. Our coffeeshop offers more than a solid cup of coffee. It offers college students a way to give back and engage with a greater mission.
  • Stay consistent. Even as your brand grows, make sure customers remember your core values. There are several ways to remind consumers about your values. Do it through incentive programs, supporting local events, or social media engagement. Staying consistent helps your goodwill advertising feel authentic.
  • Make it a value to value customers. It goes without saying, but treating customers with respect builds powerful goodwill over time. Customer loyalty is one of the best ways to ensure long-term business. 

Let’s Spread the Goodwill

If your company is doing something mighty impressive to give back to the community, let College Marketing Group help you get the word out. Our services include many marketing channels and integrated planning.

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